Welcome to Hexdocs fuzzy search

This is a website where you can fuzzy-search all of the hexdocs.pm libraries in one place. For example "map" will return the "map" function from Enum, Kernel, Map and Ecto. It's the fastest way to get to the docs of a function or find something you vaguely remember.

Currently supported libraries:

elixir, mix, eex, iex, gettext, plug, ecto, ecto_sql, phoenix, phoenix_html, phoenix_live_view, phoenix_pubsub, ex_unit, decimal, httpoison, timex, quantum, logger, oban, live_select, ethereumex, ex_machina, mox, tailwind, finch, req, jason, shorter_maps, typed_struct, typed_ecto_schema, money, ecto_shorts, cloak_ecto, cloak, memoize, pre_commit, credo, canada, kaffy, carbonite, decorator, logger_backends, decoratex, ash, where, openai, websockex, inflex, flop, flop_phoenix, ex_json_schema, stream_data, amqp, swoosh, bcrypt_elixir, kino, finitomata, estructura, tempus, telemetria, md, lazy_for, aws, ex_cldr, broadway, broadway_rabbitmq, mock, floki, json_path_access, json

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